The coin swap ratio is defined as 10 MUN for 1 MBGL.


The swap process will be facilitated throught the transfer of MUN to a target address. This will be validate against the inputs on the transaction and only inputs prior to block height 106 000 on the MUN network will be included in the swap. The amount of MBGL tokens will be allocated to the target address specified. Any MUN tokens with an input transactions after block height 106 000 will be returned to the change address specified. If no change address is specified then the MUN tokens will be added to the coin burn.

All MUN tokens swapped will be removed from circultaion via coin burn.

The originating transaction for the swap transfer and the corresponding coin burn transaction will be listed on this website as confirmation of all swapped MUN tokens being burnt.

The swap will be a 5-step process
  • Enter your target MBGL address and the MUN change address; i.e. the address you will receive the MBGL tokens into and the address that will be used to return all invalid MUN tokens to
  • You will be allocated a unique MUN address to send the tokens to in order to be processed as a swap
  • Send your MUN tokens to the address supplied; take note of the txid
  • Automated swap process will allocate MBGL in ratio and return any invalid tokens to the change address; if no change address is supplied the coins will be added to the valid input tokens and burned.
  • Once the MBGL tokens appear in your wallet, you will be able to use the online tool to confirm the coin burn transaction related to your swap txid