The below roadmap is an ambitious view of the roll-out to enable the vision for Mobit Global to fulfill the features described in the whitepaper.

Under the DAO governance structures the priority and scope of the roadmap may change over time.

  • Nov 2017 : Vision for global payments solution based on blockchain technology formulated
  • 2018 Q1 : Perform extensive research of existing blockchain solutions
  • 2018 Q2 : Planning phase for release of blockchain under Mobit Global; fortuitous inheritance of MUN community
  • 2018 Q3 : Establish Mobit Global blockchain and supporting services (Web, Community, Social, Exchange, DAO)
  • 2018 Q4 : Implement mobile wallet
  • 2019 Q1 : Initial reviews of project features
  • 2019 Q2 : Release of updated whitepaper refining project vision
  • 2019 Q3 : Monthly enhancement cycles begin to fast track feature release, Initial updates to websites and wallet UI's
  • 2019 Q4 : Wallet UI updates continue, gateway API initial release targetted for release
  • 2020 Q1 : Project scope and feature review
  • 2020 - : Continued project feature enhancements to achieve whitepaper objectives